25 mar Transition or failure? Redefining the “End” of Polyamorous Relationships

Transition or failure? Redefining the “End” of Polyamorous Relationships

Going Apart: Divergent Passions and requirements

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Some participants like Angela, a 32-year old white woman in the IT industry, emphasized the concept they had been not any longer associated with former lovers exactly the same way (or maybe after all), but instead:

…moving aside without fault – individuals change with time and just just what worked before no more does, or that which was as soon as interesting to any or all happens to be boring for some of us that are now thinking about this thing that is new. Like my ex-husband Mike with his entire anime thing, that holds no interest for me personally, definitely none … in which he does not have any fascination with crafting, which includes become actually crucial that you me personally and occupies plenty of my time. There's absolutely no judgment or pity for changing through the social people we had been as soon as we came across at SCAi all those years back, we have been simply not whom we accustomed be and don’t fit together too any longer.

Like Angela, participants in this category emphasized divergent passions and time that is decreasing with partners that has previously shared more passions once the key facets that influenced the way they defined their moving relationships. Poly people are apt to have complete everyday lives and hectic schedules so time are at reasonably limited, and exactly how individuals “spend” it often suggests their allegiances that are relational. Then they may develop divergent social lives, resulting in less overlap in social circles and decreasing importance for some relationships as others increase in intimacy and time together if partners spend a lot of time doing different things.

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