15 abr KandyPens RUBI Pod Starter Kit

KandyPens RUBI Pod Starter Kit

Slim, lightweight, and effective, the KandyPens RUBI vape offers quality that is vapor stealthiness, and convenience worlds in front of other pod mods. At only 4 inches high with a feather-light create, the RUBI is pocket-friendly yet powerful. OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology extracts full-flavored clouds from your preferred vape juices, nic salts, and natural oils while maintaining smoothness and strength. a heat regulated battery pack maintains the best heat for fluid and oil vaporization, while an air-activated home heating eliminates the typical energy button for a more seamless consumer experience. Simply inhale plus the rest is done by the RUBI, and instantly.


The KandyPens RUBI offers an open system, allowing users to refill 1ML capacity pods with their favorite eliquids and oils while other pod-based vapes are limited to pre-filled cartridges. The pods are really easy to start and refill, and unlike pre-filled pods, they don't really curb your vaping sessions to whatever eliquid the manufacturer provides. The pods have a leak-proof design with no spit right straight back through the mouthpiece, and a cutting-edge heating coil that produces big full-flavored clouds.


So that the utmost in vapor quality, KandyPens RUBI pods feature a coil that is ceramic in Japanese cotton. The heating element is 1.6 ohm although the battery pack provides 8.5 watts of power (3.7 volts). Expect clouds that are large the RUBI's compact size. Merely take away the plug through the relative side regarding the pod and fill with your selected eliquid or oil. The pods are really easy to disassemble for maintenance and cleaning. The vapor quality is acutely powerful, smooth, and satisfying.

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