03 mar ‘Manhunt’ Author Ratings Navy SEAL’s ‘No Easy Day’

'Manhunt' Author Ratings Navy SEAL's 'No Easy Day'

CONAN: a stunt that is political who?

DAVID: Well, it is a stunt that is political for me, that it is, you realize, predicated on the things I understand within specific little teams, it's something which the proper's placing away to put discourse to the White House management.

CONAN: and are usually you speaking about this specific guide? Or will you be speaking about the movie that Peter had been mentioning early in the day?

DAVID: No, I'm speaking about the guide.

CONAN: the written guide? okay. Peter, is the fact that a justified critique?

BERGEN: i must say i do not note that in this guide. After all, Mark Owen helps it be clear when you look at the guide which he's no fan of President Obama and nor do some of their teammates appear to be fans of President Obama.

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