13 nov Curacao – This Is of Dushi

Curacao – This Is of Dushi

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So what does Dushi suggest in Curacao?

Within the area of Curacao, you might hear (if not see) the neighborhood Papiamentu phrase “Dushi”. But just what may be the meaning of “dushi” in English? As explained by my guide Charla associated with the Curacao Tourist Board, “Dushi possesses lot of meanings…but it mostly means sweet, good or good”.

After visiting Curacao, I'm able to attest that the expression completely fits this breathtaking area.

I happened to be just in Curacao for one day on a Princess Cruises port stop. Many tourists to Curacao, Charla explained, either go to by cruise liner or they truly are predominantly travellers that are european a lot of holiday time. “To experience and absorb the real life style of Curacao you'll want to remain 2+ weeks”.

With such an extremely quick screen of the time for the see, we quickly attempt to explore the area of Curacao and see this is of “Dushi” for ourselves.

The Island of Curacao has History

The Dutch blendr login colony of Curacao, discovered in 1499, is situated in the Southern Caribbean, simply a brief 60 kilometers north of Venezuela.

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