12 jun Fifty Shades’s Dakota Johnson on Sex, Fame, and Building a vocation on her very own Terms

Fifty Shades’s Dakota Johnson on Sex, Fame, and Building a vocation on her very own Terms

“i obtained you balloons! ” Dakota Johnson shouts above a din of barking dogs, her arms cupped around her lips in the form of a heart.

Since the iron gates of her mother’s Hollywood Hills house creep available, the actress that is auburn-haired half-revealed regarding the rock actions beneath a thick tangle of helium-filled Mylar. She actually is putting on black Gucci boots and high-water vintage boys’ Levi’s within the normcore wash that is ideal. “Is this a proper ensemble for fulfilling your landscape designer? ” she asks, pulling for a crimson mohair sweater because of The Elder Statesman (its designer, Greg Chait, is a pal). “Do we look like a grownup who are able to use words like convincingly night-blooming? ”

Needless to say she didn't get me balloons. They are the detritus regarding the twenty-seventh-birthday celebration that her mom, Melanie Griffith, threw her a couple of evenings prior to. The celebrations culminated at Jumbo’s Clown area, a strip club in Thai Town where Johnson viewed exactly just what she defines whilst the saddest dance that is pole the real history of pole dances. Our company is now snaking through the hills in a soccer-mom SUV that includes to suffice through to the arrival regarding the forest-green 1995 Ford F150 that her grandfather has guaranteed to deliver up from his household in Missouri. Our location: the mid-century bungalow that Dakota, then surviving in downtown Manhattan, purchased winter that is last a clear concession into the proven fact that she ended up being, is, and extremely most likely can be a creature of Hollywood. It absolutely was just the 2nd home she saw, but she dropped difficult for the modernist pedigree; the designer Carl Maston built it for his very own household in 1947.

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