30 ago Rubric 3: Analytic Grading-How to improve your level of skill

Rubric 3: Analytic Grading-How to improve your level of skill
Poor requirements enhancement Good Excellent
Thesis No overarching argument can be discerned. Is confusing, underdeveloped or contradictory. Will not fit well because of the range regarding the project. importance is confusing. Exists and it is comprehensible, if underdeveloped in places. Could be extremely broad or unoriginal. Significance is talked about. Is original, innovative, insightful and provocative. Is suitable towards the project's scale. Significance is obviously explained.
Evidence Either no evidence is supplied, or there are several factual errors, omissions or oversimplifications. Author greatly overstates need for evidence. Hinges on few sources. Not sufficient proof is supplied to guide writer's argument, or evidence is incomplete, oversimplified or incorrect. Limits of proof aren't well recognized. A variety of forms of sources can be used to aid arguments. Provides necessary proof to persuade audience of all areas of the primary argument. Importance of proof often assumed. An extensive variety of sources is utilized in imaginative how to help arguments. Efficiently integrates wider knowledge to spell out proof. Pupil shows the restrictions of various kinds of proof.
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