20 out Russian theater that By Alla Malova / Migrante21

Russian theater that By Alla Malova / Migrante21

A DC-area studio run by immigrants through the Soviet that is former Union Russian speakers theater productions predicated on performs

Actors associated with the movie theater studio Experiment performing in their interpretation of wedding by Nikolai Gogol. Picture courtesy of Experiment.

For A saturday that is recent night everyone was collecting at a movie theater in Silver Spring, Maryland, to visit a performance. You wouldn’t hear English into the market – or through the phase, for instance. The play had been Marriage , a comedy authored by famous Russian playwright Nikolai Gogol in regards to the problems of dating and picking a wife within the early nineteenth century, however it received a fresh life through the theater studio Experiment – complete with masks and music.

The folks mixed up in movie theater studio originate from a variety that is wide of within the previous Soviet nations and, besides their love of movie theater, share a very important factor in typical: the Russian language.

The studio is much a lot more than a spare time activity because of its troupe. The studio’s director, Irina Rogozina, an actress that is professional in Russia, claims: “We want to generally share our culture – Russian culture is quite deep and strong, with deep origins. We wish to be better grasped. For the – for understanding – theater is a perfect means.” Rogozina views movie theater as a social trade of kinds, and an easy method of enhancing the understanding amongst the two countries. Irina told Migrante21 that art, and specially movie movie movie theater, can also be an easy method on her studio to counter the present craziness that is political the planet.

A indigenous of Yekaterinburg, Rogozina worked as an actress in theaters when you look at the Russian towns and cities of Novgorod and St.

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