24 mar Introduction to Southeast Asia.History, Geography, and Livelihood

Introduction to Southeast Asia.History, Geography, and Livelihood

by Barbara Watson Andaya

Southeast Asia is composed of eleven nations that reach from eastern Asia to Asia, and it is generally speaking split into “mainland” and “island” areas. The mainland (Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam) is obviously an expansion of this Asian continent. Muslims are available in all mainland nations, nevertheless the biggest populations come in southern Thailand and western Burma (Arakan). The Cham individuals of main Vietnam and Cambodia are also Muslim.

Island or Southeast that is maritime Asia Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei, while the brand new country of East Timor (previously section of Indonesia). Islam could be the state religion in Malaysia and Brunei. Although 85 % of Indonesia’s populace of over 234,000,000 are Muslims, a bigger number than just about any other country on the planet, Islam just isn't the official state religion. Muslims are really a minority in Singapore plus the southern Philippines.

Geography, Environment, and Cultural Areas

Practically all of Southeast Asia lies involving the tropics, and thus you can find similarities in environment along with plant and animal life for the region. Conditions are often warm, though it is cooler in highland areas. Numerous ocean and jungle items are unique towards the area, and were consequently much desired by international traders in very early times.

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