17 nov Ask a Sex Therapist: Why Does Vaginal Intercourse Feel So Unsatisfying in my experience?

Ask a Sex Therapist: Why Does Vaginal Intercourse Feel So Unsatisfying in my experience?

In this version of Sexual Resolution, our resident sex therapist Vanessa Marin answers an audience's concern on how to increase sensitiveness during sexual intercourse.

Intercourse must certanly be enjoyable, nonetheless it may also be complicated. Welcome to Sexual Resolution, a biweekly column by sex specialist Vanessa Marin that responses your entire many private concerns to assist you attain the healthier, safe, and joyful sex-life which you deserve. A reader asks a question about experiencing a lack of sensitivity in her vagina during intercourse in this edition.


Intercourse never ever seems all that advantageous to me personally. I love the knowledge to be near to my partner, but from a solely real viewpoint, it does not feel well. Almost like I’m numb inside. It offers for ages been this me personallyans for me, irrespective of my partner, their size, their strategy, etc. I like other items (like dental intercourse and fingering), but i wish to enjoy sexual intercourse, too. Any kind of strategies or products I'm able to used to produce more sensitiveness during my vagina?

- Frustrated within the Sheets, 25


First, i do want to be sure to distinguish between too little pleasure and a personal experience of discomfort. Does sex ever feel uncomfortable, irritating, or painful for your needs? We don’t discuss sexual discomfort frequently sufficient, nevertheless the the reality is that the majority of women experience active vexation or discomfort during intercourse. If it’s the truth for your needs, We strongly recommend talking with your gynecologist and/or a intercourse specialist to ensure that you don’t have sexual discomfort condition or any other medical condition which may be causing vexation.

Emotions of numbness can additionally be the end result of traumatization. Have actually you ever endured your boundaries that are sexual?

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