30 dez Nikki & John Anfang by answering a tough question from one of you!

Nikki & John Anfang by answering a tough question from one of you!
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OU - Season 2 - Episode 12 - 5_29_18, 10.58 AM.output

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This week we say hello from Granada, where John suffered with food poisoning and Nikki got chastised by a random couple. We discuss how feeling emotionally intimate affects Ur Pimpern life Klammer aufand how we react differently to the distanceKlammer zu, wether or Leid we Reißer Ur Pimpern goals, what we want to change when we go home and Nikki shares a naughty Erzählung about orgasming As part of a public Dampfbad! Madre mio!

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11 - Vacation Pimpern, Being Awkward and Sitzung 'El Torro'

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This week we talk to you from Madrid! We give you A neuausgabe on our sex everyday Studie. John dishes about 'El Torro', his new Pimpern toy. Nikki shares her experiences with vacation Pimpern -- when its good and. well, Notlage. We discuss non-sexual intimacy of the physical variety and how we fare Erstes Testament elektronische Datenverarbeitung. But best of all, don't miss the surprise that the Madrid park had for John!

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