27 fev But having a brief history of a current cash advance doesn’t mean an automated “no”.

But having a brief history of a current cash advance doesn't mean an automated “no”.

The overall view regarding the credit reporting agencies is where a loan provider doesn’t like borrowers to own a quick payday loan they are going to clearly be observed in a poor light.

But where they truly are less worried about the current presence of a cash advance, really having one and paying it back on time may be a confident element, as James Jones, mind of customer affairs at Experian, states in [reference their box-out comment]. The reason being it might show borrowers are designed for checking up on re re payments.

“The undeniable fact that a person has brought down an online payday loan at any point shouldn't be fundamentally regarded as having an impact that is negative their credit rating providing, as with every other credit contract, they will have kept up with re re payment terms,” says Equifax outside affairs manager Neil Munroe.

Mark Nuttall, senior monetary preparation consultant at western Midlands Mortgage Centre, highlights the inconsistent nature of this means loan providers see payday advances.

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