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50 colors of fetish: sexpert Emily Dubberley’s top 50 methods to include color to your sex-life

Until 50 colors of Grey, kinky sex ended up being taboo. The word fetish conjured up images of weedy men in rubber suits, whip-wielding women in thigh high boots and seedy clubs full of people doing unspeakable things to each other with strangely shaped devices for many people. Now, huge numbers of people have found that there surely is more joy to be had within sex; and that sometimes, being tied straight straight down is usually the sexiest things around.

However if a ‘normal’ couple likes the notion of tinkering with fetish, the ‘scene’ can feel daunting. Gimp masks, fearsome Dominatrixes, and unpleasant searching steel instruments can all make a novice think it is much too frightening and opt to miss the whole sexual thing that is exploration.

But, kinky intercourse is not really all that distinctive from, ‘vanilla’ sex. Just what exactly have you been waiting around for? Prepare yourself to own the mind exposed and experience your wildest desires coming real with my top 50 shades of fetish:

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